Panasport Wheels

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Z-Light / Pro-Light

Why Panasport?

Besides being a light, high quality aluminum wheel, we like the ‘period correct’ look of the Panasport wheel. We have maintained our close relationship with Panasport because they continue to support all RX-7 wheel fitments. Over the years, many wheel manufacturers have dropped fitments, both offsets and bolt circles, for the 1979-1985 12A RX-7. We offer one-piece Panasport wheels for street and racing in the popular 7.0 x 13-inch and 7.0 x 15-inch sizes in a wide range of offsets. Three-piece Panasport wheels can be special ordered in 8.0, 9.0 and 10.0 x 16” and 17” sizes for really wide body applications for 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation RX-7’s.

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Z-Light Wheel, 7.0 x 15-inch


1st Gen RX-7 with 7.0 x 15” Z-Light Wheels


This is the latest design of the Panasport wheel for the street. It’s lighter, stronger and has more clearance for big brake upgrades. We stock this wheel in the hard-to-get 4 x 110 mm bolt circle (1979-1985 RX-7 12A) in a 7.0 x 15” diameter with offsets compatible with both stock width and Mariah Mode One Wide Body packages. We recommend 195/50-15 for front tires and 205/50-15 for rears on stock width cars; and 225/50 front tires and 245/50 rears for the Mode One Wide Body. We stock this wheel in silver with a bright, machined lip. Street wheels come with hubcaps as shown. Other colors are available.

ProductPart #Price (USD)
Panasport Z-Light 7.0 x 151701$289.00 each
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Pro-Light Wheels, 7.0 x 13” and 7.0 x 15

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SCCA E-Production Mode One with 7.0 x 15” Pro-Light Wheels


This wheel is the lightest and strongest race spec Panasport to date. We special order these wheels for 1st and 2nd generation RX-7 race cars in the IT-A, IT-S, E Production and GT-3 classes in 13.0 and 15.0-inch diameters. Call for additional information and prices.

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C-8 Wheels, 10.0 x 16” shown


The C-8 series of Panasport wheels are a 3-piece design that can be made up in a wide variety of widths and offsets. We special order C-8 wheels for 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation wide body and racing wide body packages. Wheel sizes from 10.0-12.0 inch widths and 16”, 17” or 18” diameters; Call for prices.
The GT-2 Body Package accepts 16, 17 and 18 inch diameter wheels in widths from 10.0 to 11.0 inches up front and widths from 11.0 to 12.0 inches at the rear; with tire sizes up to 295/30 R-18 up front and 315/30 R-18 at the rear.