Mode Six Street Wide Body Package

modeSixFinalIntroDriverSideProfile280x160 modeSixFinalIntroDriverRearQtr280x160

Using the platform of the 1986 through 1992 Mazda RX-7 we totally redefined the car. We looked to the supercars of the period as a benchmark and created the most complete body package ever designed around the 2nd generation RX-7. The hand-sculpted bodywork speaks for itself. Flared front fenders accommodate up to 9.5” x 17” wheels and 255/40 tires while the broad rear fenders accept 11.5” x 17” wheels and 335/35 tires.

This body package includes: a slope-nosed front bumper/airdam with integrated driving light recesses and functional front brake cooling ducts, a front valence panel, four flared fenders, two door appliques, two door sill extensions, a wrap-around rear bumper and an aerodynamic underbody panel.

Also available for the Mariah Mode Six are several other options: the Mode Six Hood, Mode Six Side Mirrors, and Mode Six Aero Wing.

Package Name
Part #Price (USD)
Mode Six Street Wide Body Package0742$4594.00

Mode Six Replacement Parts

Individual Part NamePart #Price (USD)
Front Bumper/Airdam0483$811.00
Valence Panel0482$310.00
Fender, Right Front0478$497.00
Fender, Left Front0479$497.00
Fender, Right Rear0470$363.00
Fender, Left Rear0471$363.00
Rear Bumper0725$522.00
Lower Door Panel, Right0474$382.00
Lower Door Panel, Left0475$382.00
Side Sill, Right0476$355.00
Side Sill, Left0477$355.00
Inner Fender Splash Panel, Right0480$29.00
Inner Fender Splash Panel, Left0481$29.00
Underbody Aero Panel0727$599.00
Headlamp Buckets, 2 req'd0707$29.00 ea.

 Mode Six Optional Accessories

Individual Part NamePart # Price (USD)
Mode Six Tall Aero Wing0764$829.00
Mode Six Riser Hood0765$1819.00
Mode Six Riser Hood (Top Skin Only)0767$701.00
Mode Six Side Mirrors (Pair)0766$1072.00
NACA Duct Headlight Cover 0987$149.00
3M Scotch-Weld Epoxy Adhesive0105$93.00