Mode One Wide Body Race Package


Although the Mode One Wide Body was designed in 1981 for street use by RX-7 owners who demanded a much wider tire than the stock body would accept, this body kit became the standard for the SCCA 1st Gen E-Production category.  We mold the race version of the body using lighter laminates to save weight.  The left hand rear fuel filler well is also deleted.  The front end is bolted on using stock attachment points and the rear fenders and bumper are held on using dzus fasteners. The width over the fenders is 69” at the front and 68” at the rear.  In E-Production trim the car uses 15 x 7 inch wheels with 23 x 9.5 x 15 inch racing slicks.

Optional accessories include: a front splitter deck, available in an SCCA Ep legal or a Vintage GTU trim; a choice of two rear lip spoilers which are legal only in Vintage competition; and a light weight carbon fiber hood, legal in both SCCA or Vintage racing.

Package Name
Part #Price (USD)
Mode One Wide Body Race Package0001-R$1922.00

Individual Replacement Parts

Part NamePart #Price (USD)
Right Rear Fender0002-R$275.00
Left Rear Fender0003-R$275.00
Right Front Fender0004-R$275.00
Left Front Fender0005-R$275.00
GTO-1 Lightweight Rear Bumper1825$189.00
Bumper Reinforcement Bar0009$48.00
Splash Panels, Inner Fender (2 req'd)0010$22.00 ea.
Hardware & Installation Kit0011$30.00

 Optional Accessories

Part NamePart #Price (USD)
GTU / GTO-1 Whaletail Wing1826$775.00
GTU / GTO-1 Rear Lip Spoiler1827$588.00
Lightweight Carbon Fiber Hood 1828$823.00
Front Splitter Deck0012$475.00

GTU Optional Mark I Rear Fenders

For those who want extra wide rear fenders with their stock RX-7 or Mode One Wide Body Package, ask for Mark I rear fenders. This option permits 10.0″ wide, 15″ or 16″ diameter wheels on a 1st Gen RX-7.

Mark I Rear Fenders are frequently selected as an alternative “extra wide” fender on the Mode One package for customers who need room for wide 10 or 11 inch tires on high powered cars. See the turbocharged 13B street racer below.

racingPkgGtuRearTopLeftImg racingPkgGtuRearTopRightImg
Individual Replacement PartsPart # Price (USD)
GTU Mark 1 Left Rear Fender1831$450.00
GTU Mark 1 Right Rear Fender