Mode Five Street Body Package, 1986-1992


We have developed a new Mode Five body package which enables 2nd Gen RX-7 owners to fit much wider front and rear tires than possible with stock fenders. Starting with our bolt-on Mode Five Bumper/Airdam and Valence, we added bolt-on flared front fenders and bonded or fastened rear flared fenders and a Mode Five Aerowing. This package is a popular choice for street, track day or drifting competition.

Package Name
Part #Price (USD)
Mode Five Street Body Package0017$2426.00

Mode Five Replacement Parts

Individual Part NamePart #Price (USD)
Front Bumper/Airdam0381$547.00
Valence Panel0382$234.00
RH Front Fender0327$298.00
LH Front Fender0328$298.00
RH Rear Fender With Fuel Filler Door1851$275.00
LH Rear Fender1849$275.00
Inner Fender Splash Panel, 2 req'd0383$15.00 ea.
Headlamp Buckets, 2 req'd.0707$29.00 ea.
Mode Five Aero Wing0379$411.00

 Mode Five Optional Accessories

Individual Part NamePart # Price (USD)
OEM GTU/TII Style Rear Spoiler 0329$259.00
Small Aero Rear Wing0601$309.00
NACA Duct Headlight Cover