Mariah GTO-II Racing Wide Body Package

For those of you who simply must have the most dramatic, the most aggressive and purpose built RX-7s, we offer Mazda Racing Wide Body Packages. Although these packages were developed for closed course road race competition, they can also be the basis of a high performance street car as well. These are the same body packages you have seen on almost all racing RX-7s, including those RX-7s that won 8 consecutive IMSA GTU Championships, and the grueling 24 Hours of Daytona… three times in a row. All parts of these Mazda Racing Body packages are made of hand-laid FRP and are delivered in white gel-coat.

GTO-II, 1986-1992


The Mariah GTO-II Racing Wide Body Package is specifically designed for “tube-framed” race cars, but has been sucessfully applied to the standard RX-7 unibody chassis. It consists of a front airdam, center nose panel, hood assembly, four flared fenders, two door panels, two rocker panels, and a center rear panel. This package is designed to accommodate up to 10″x16″ wheels. The GTO-II Package features a single front radiator opening, and a softer front airdam and two front brake cooling ducts. This package was used by Roger Mandeville Racing and Team Highball.

Package Name
Part #Price (USD)
Mariah GTO-II Racing Package0025$5439.00

Mariah GTO-II Optional Equipment / Replacement Parts

Individual Part NamePart #Price (USD)
Front Airdam0887$671.00
Center Nosepiece0888$225.00
Hood Assembly0889$520.00
Fender, Right Front0890$449.00
Fender, Left Front0891$449.00
Door Panel, Right0894$625.00
Door Panel, Left0895$625.00
Fender, Right Rear0896$608.00
Fender, Left Rear0897$608.00
Whaletail Wing0898$685.00
Rocker Panel, Right0899$384.00
Rocker Panel, Left0900$384.00
Centerpiece, Rear0901$371.00