Mariah Mode Four – Stock Width Individual Parts




The Mode Four group of accessories are designed to enhance the look of any standard width 1979 to 1985 RX-7. Individual parts include airdams, carbon fiber hoods, rear lip spoilers, aero wings, whaletail wings, and the Mariah rear hatch.

Individual Part NamePart #Price (USD)
Front Bumper/Airdam0106$515.00
SCCA ITS/ITA Legal Airdam0992$339.00
Rear Lip Spoiler (3-piece)0090$316.00
Lightweight Fiberglass Hood0003-R$703.00
Lightweight Carbon Fiber Hood0004-R$823.00
NACA Duct Hood0268$840.00
NACA Duct Hood Scoop Inserts:
Non-Functional and Functional
0008 0162$102.00 $125.00
Small Aero Rear Wing0601$309.00
Whaletail Wing0007$431.00
Rear Window Hatch0015$1300.00
NACA Duct Headlight Covers (Right Side)0986$149.00
3M Scotch-Weld Epoxy Adhesive0105$93.00