GT-2 Race Package

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Our 3rd Gen (1993-1996) RX-7 GT-2 Race Body Package features wide fender flares that resolve back in to stock door widths. This is typical of the definition of GT-2 bodies. The front bumper/airdam has splitter extensions and a full-width splitter deck. Two versions of the rear bumper are available. The first provides a lightweight replacement for the factory bumper but without exhaust cutouts. With this version you would use your original tail lamps and center bar. The second version is a one-piece rear bumper with the tail lamp shapes and center bar molded in. Choosing this much lighter version, you would install just the minimum LED brake lights required for racing.

The completed car shown is our tube-frame 3-rotor GT-2 race car. The body parts also fit directly on a stock 3rd gen RX-7 tub, making it practical to build a ‘pseudo’ GT-2 car using the Street GT-2 Package. This would yield an awesome track day car or an amazing looking wide-bodied street car.

The wing shown is a standard SCCA GT-2 spec wing. Mounting brackets and adjustable wing supports are custom to each installation. This wing and brackets are not available from Mariah Motorsports.

Package Name
Part #Price (USD)
GT-2 Race Body Package 1860$4414.00

GT-2 Race Package Replacement Parts

Individual Part NamePart #Price (USD)
Front Bumper/Airdam1861$640.00
Splitter Deck1862$384.00
Splitter Deck Extensions, RH / LH1863/1864$130.00 ea.
Fender, Right Front1865$496.00
Fender, Left Front1866$496.00
Door, RH 1867$380.00 ea.
Door, LH1868$380.00 ea.
Fender, Right Rear1869$464.00
Fender, Left Rear1870$464.00
Rear Bumper Cover W / Lights1871$450.00
Rear Bumper Cover W/O Lights1872$390.00
Wheels and Racing Slicks Various SizesVaries


Width across front fenders: 76.50”
Width across rear fenders: 78.00”
Wheel Base: 96.0”
Front Track (Race Package): 64.0”
Rear Track (Race Package): 61.5”
Front Wheel: 16.0 diameter x 10.0” to 11.0” width
Rear Wheel: 16.0 diameter x 11.0 to 12.0 inch width
Front Racing Slick Tires: 10.0 x 23.5-16 Avon / 10.5 x 23.5-16 Goodyear
Rear Racing Slick Tires: 12.5 x 25.0-16 Avon / 12.0 x 25.5-16 Goodyear