AEROfx Race Package

The AEROfx Race Package includes a race-ready Bumper/Airdam, wider-than-stock front and rear fenders, splitter deck and (2) splitter extensions. See individual replacement parts for detailed descriptions and photos of each part.

AEROfx Race Package

Model Year ApplicationPart #Price (USD)
1986-1992 1840$2418

AEROfx Individual Replacement Parts

Individual Part NamePart #Price (USD)
Front Bumper/Airdam1841$538
Splitter Deck1842$518
RH Splitter Extension1843$108
LH Splitter Extension1844$108
RH Front Fender1846$298
LH Front Fender1847$298
Mode Five RH Rear Fender1848$275
Mode Five LH Rear Fender1849$275

AEROfx Optional Accessories

Individual Part NamePart #Price (USD)
Fiberglass Composite Hood 1852$710 .00
Rear Bumper Cover 1850$322 .00